January Style Files


The month of Capricorn

                                                           Stylist: Tameka Foster @tamekafoster    Birthdate:  January 1st   Zodia: Capricorn

                                                         Stylist: Tameka Foster @tamekafoster  Birthdate:  January 1st Zodia: Capricorn

 January ladies! Lets talk Cap-style the characteristics that are totally visible in these girls' wardrobe.

You know you're a Capricorn if in your closet is...


1.Work Clothes

Cap's are workaholics they have a designated wardrobe for work. Whatever field, they have invested in some stylish outfits that are appropriate for clients, office positions and off-site meetings. 

2. Practical pieces

A cap is always prepared, wardrobe-wise, for anything that might come your way. You've likely got flats, a lightweight cardigan and a simple, well-tailored dress. These are those basic just in case items. 

5. Preppy Looks

The Capricorn woman loves gold jewelry, neutral tweed, or classic suits and button up shirts. She always looks highly successful, or like she come from old money. 

6. Vintage pieces

Your sign like old pieces and browsing antiques. Finding a fabulous old dress or jacket that you've incorporated into your 21st-century wardrobe. You love reinventing looks and making old eras feel current. 

Cap's did we nail it?