Style Resolutions for 2018

Be a habitual offender

 Marlo Hampton in YSL Nikki Swarovski boot by Saint Laurent 

Marlo Hampton in YSL Nikki Swarovski boot by Saint Laurent 

We didn't have to "Ask Marlo" she showed us. No more of this not repeating outfits because you wore it on the gram two weeks ago. I challenge you to wear your looks as often as you feel and make it great every time.  


Be about you

Include your "It" factor in all your shopping weather its shopping high, low, or in-between. Make sure that one element that makes your style your own is not missed. 

Be very clear

Never be persuaded by a friend or a sales person into buying things that are not perfect on you and for you... that includes you shape, budget and especially YOUR style. 

Be realistic

How many times are you really going to wear those 3,000. Givenchy boots before the upgraded version comes out. Be conscious of trends and buy looks that will last. Stay in the game by buying high and selling low.  You are never going to recover what you paid but, if you flick-it up for social and sell fast-you can get closer to that amount than if you wait a whole season.

 Thank me Later. 

Be a vibe

Create a playlist that doubles as theme music. Make sure it matches your style and the vibe that you want to give off. Play this when you are getting dressed, on the way to work and when you are using through midtown in those shoes that hurt your feet LOL !! ... etc. Watch how your confidence elevates and your moo shifts.

Have a Happy New Year! Bring it in with STYLE