"It" Girl Jenine Howard

      Photo: all rights reserved

     Photo: all rights reserved

We spent some time chatting with the one of the most bomb girls on Instagram, Jenine Howard. We spoke about fashion, style, all the sauce she's been dripping on the gram; as wells as being dope in real life. But, our most important question was... "It" factor. The vibe that everyone wants but, not everyone has. The authenticity that sets one apart and allows them to shine in their own light.  Jenine, shared with us what she believes it takes to be "It" . We comprised her answers into 5 very influential quotes. See below. 


How to create your "It" factor

1. Knowing who you are and not apologizing for it, makes you uniquely fashionable.

2. If you love something repeat it over and over and over. It will become your staple.

3. Your smile is your best accessory.

4. Give yourself permission to dislike a trend.

5. Great fashion is much like life. The more risks you take, the more chances of success.

                                                                                                                          Jenine Howard

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