Tahiry, Marilyn, and Mecca

This past Saturday was a beautiful winter day in NYC. I was in attendance of a lovely brunch honoring women in entertainment and lifestyle, curated by Ciroc brand liqueurs. The Honorees were Marilyn Van Alstyne of EmVe Marketing and Mecca Moore of Pynk Magazine. Located at their Broadway suites. It was a perfect event for a Saturday. Attended by some verily influential people in Media and Marketing, mostly women which was refreshing and inspiring to see so many female executives and entrepreneurs mingling, networking and talking everything from business to fashion.

Adorned with a sweet treats bar by Tres ChicCupcakes and cuisine by the amazing chef Omar. The venue was filled with positive energy. As toast after toast encouraged the room to support and motivate each other. Showing appreciation and respect for the honorees and every person that helped them along he way. I sat across from winners of "win a seat at the table" I wondered if they had a chance to move through the crowd. There were so many people to connect with in various facades of the industry's. I can definitely say that that was the best place to be in NYC this Saturday. Glad to be a part.  


Pics below.